The Wall We Helped To Build

17 02 2009


We raised the strawbales around this corner and along this wall one weekend last year. It actually looks quite straight.

bl_ourwallSo proud of “our” strawbale wall.

Waiting for visas

17 02 2009

Now Benno’s visa documents have arrived in Japan so the school can apply for his dependent visa at the same time as Lara’s working visa.

We’re starting the count-down – 37 more days left in Australia – but there’s so much to do before then.

To acquaint ourselves with the the culture of the town we will be living in we have been watching a tv series that was based and filmed in Kisarazu – Kisarazu Cat’s Eye. It is one of the silliest, over-acted, non-sensical sitcoms we have ever watched, and yet it is strangely addictive. Go watch it here.

Did you know that there is a 5 story shopping mall in the middle of Tokyo Bay, 5km out to sea from Kisarazu city on the Aqua-Line (bridge and tunnel from Kisarazu to Kawasaki)? See Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line

Did you also know that you can see Mt Fuji across the bay from Kisarazu?