Making plans

24 03 2009

We will be living in the apartment in the earlier post. We can move in on Friday when we arrive, as long as we pay the bond in yen/cash that day.

We have tenants and they move into our Adelaide house on Wednesday.

We are flying out on Thursday, but don’t yet have our visas so will be entering as tourists – with a letter in Japanese explaining why we are entering Japan and why we have no return flights…

We are able to have fibre optic internet connected to our apartment as it is only 2 years old and has fibre to the door. Plus, the ISP has English tech support.

All that’s left is to pack our bags. That’s a job for Wednesday. And to have a final house inspection. And to exchange money. And to get international drivers licences. And to tidy up our storage boxes. And to… only 2 more sleeps.