First Day in Kisarazu

27 03 2009

We waited at the airport for Toshy who took us in her car to Kisarazu. We went straight to the school where we met Mr Matsumoto. He said our Certificate of Eligibility for the visas arrived on Thursday. Surprisingly, visas had been granted for 3 years for the both of us. Normally they only grant one year, so they must have thought that we looked handsome to let us stay for that long… Toshy will take us to the Chiba Immigration Office to apply for our visa, alien registration card and a bank account later in the week.

Toshy introduced us to the principal, Father Tagawa, who speaks only Japanese and Italian.

Then we went to the International teachers office; I saw my desk and collected some textbooks but there weren’t many teachers about as it’s school holidays.

We signed the papers for our apartment at the land agent’s office (Century 21 – Toshy thought it was a Japanese company?!) and got the keys so we could move in straight away.

The rest of the day (with help from Toshy’s friend Maya) we did some grocery shopping, got some homewares, a futon etc.

Being sleep deprived from the plane flight, we fell asleep at 7.30pm after a hot bath, and only woke up at 10.30am.

street_to_apita1View from our dining room window out onto the cherry-blossom lined street to the supermarket, Apita.



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