Third Day in Kisarazu

29 03 2009

We ate some dehydrated tofu for lunch and decided it tasted like eating a rubbery sponge. Maybe it’s meant for in stews and soups instead of stirfry.

We decided to go for a long walk in search of internet. One of the helpful school mums had said there was internet behind the train station. So we went for a long walk for about an hour to Kisarazu Station at the other end of the main street. We went into the shopping mall behind the train station and up to level 6 to the games level. After joining/becoming members we were able to use the internet in the ‘PC Gaming’ section, right at the back behind the table tennis, practice baseball, arcade games and so on.

We have now got a computer monitor, keyboard and mouse so Benno’s work computer is set up. However we don’t have a desk or internet yet.

We also ordered a second hand fridge that will be delivered on Wednesday to our apartment.


Benno walking home from the shops.

Fit’s brand of gum – there’s a TV in the supermarket that plays this jingle 24 hours a day.