Fourth Day in Kisarazu

30 03 2009

Ran around trying to find out about Internet for our apartment. It’s turning out to be more difficult and time consuming that we first thought. We spent ages on the pay phone to the ISP and NTT (the phone providers), called Toshy but she was in Tokyo on business, tried to get Maya’s help but she was in bed with a fever…

So we went and had a look at the Buddhist temple that is across the street from our house.


We think we need our alien registration card before we can get a home phone or internet. So we will have to wait until Wednesday. Then it takes over a week for the connection as it is moving season and there is a back-log of connections to be done… oh well.

We had pasta for dinner and chocolate self-saucing pudding for dessert, made in our new convection microwave (which means we can have roast vegies, pudding, cakes, slices, biscuits and many other yummies that can’t be cooked over a gas stove top).