Fifth Day in Kisarazu

31 03 2009

Today is pink bag rubbish day (every Tuesday and Saturday) which is burnable garbage. There is also non-burnable garbage (blue bag every second Wednesday), glass, cans and PET (green bag every Monday), plastic wrappers (yellow bag every Thursday), magazines and milk cartoons (brown bag every second Monday) and newspapers/clothes (grey bag every other Monday). There is a special hatch by the road behind our apartment block that every one puts their bags in and then shuts the glass lid.

We caught the bus back home to the Apita (shopping mall) from Kisarazu Station after using the internet and doing some shopping. It was 260 yen ($4.20) for a trip (about on par with Adelaide buses, I guess, and about as frequent with 1-2 buses an hour in this little town). It took about 10-15 minutes which was much more relaxing than a 1 hour walk back.

We applied online for fibre optic but it will take several weeks for the connection. 😦

We had roasted vegetables in tomato pasta sauce and spaghetti for dinner and hot chocolate for dessert.

Fun things and strange things

31 03 2009

Fun things about our apartment
– heated toilet seat with a hand basin attached to the top
– clothes dryer function on the bathroom fan so clothes can be dried in there
– intercom doorbell with a video display
– working out the heater function on the air con
– auto fill of the bath to a set level and temperature (at a particular time, if, for example, you want to have a hot bath waiting for you when you come home from work at 6pm)
– sensor controlled opening of the main door when you walk up to it to go out

Strange things about our apartment
– no drawers and only one shelf in the bedroom built-ins – all hanging space
– no plug (that we can find) for the sink so dishes are washed under running water
– 6 different types of rubbish, collected on different days in different coloured bags

Handy things about our apartment
– 2 minutes walk to the Apita supermarket and shopping mall
– 2 minutes walk to the school bus stop