Fun things and strange things

31 03 2009

Fun things about our apartment
– heated toilet seat with a hand basin attached to the top
– clothes dryer function on the bathroom fan so clothes can be dried in there
– intercom doorbell with a video display
– working out the heater function on the air con
– auto fill of the bath to a set level and temperature (at a particular time, if, for example, you want to have a hot bath waiting for you when you come home from work at 6pm)
– sensor controlled opening of the main door when you walk up to it to go out

Strange things about our apartment
– no drawers and only one shelf in the bedroom built-ins – all hanging space
– no plug (that we can find) for the sink so dishes are washed under running water
– 6 different types of rubbish, collected on different days in different coloured bags

Handy things about our apartment
– 2 minutes walk to the Apita supermarket and shopping mall
– 2 minutes walk to the school bus stop



2 responses

1 04 2009
jill lang

I love reading your blog !!

You’ve had experience with an old convection microwave at Kingston Park .

Mrs Matsufuji always washes dishes in hot running water . Probably that is how it’s done in Japan . I don’t think she used detergent .
You are aware that they have too much water so saving it with a plug is not necessary .

24 04 2009

We asked around, and it seems that Japanese people have a large sink, then they buy a plastic bucket to put in the sink for washing dishes. Surely it would have been easier just to make plugs, but that’s Japan for you!

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