Starting school

6 04 2009

First teachers’ day at Gyosei. I had an introductory walk around the school before being introduced to all the other International faculty staff members. We sat in the staff room for over a hour listening to random Japanese from old men teachers (saying such things as ‘let’s keep the corridors clean’ and ‘our college admission numbers are dropping’). I got my timetable, keys, codes, textbooks, instructions etc before heading off to the whole staff lunch. I had to say an introductory statement for the third time, introducing myself to different gatherings of staff. The rest of the day was spent in preparation and international staff meetings. The 6 others seem to be a co-operative, collaborative bunch that work together to ensure the smooth running of the inter division. There are 3 females in total on the entire high school staff (with a few more in the elementary school) and very few young staff. The school includes such features as: only using chalk and blackboards, having labs that are basic with no lab techs, and a small cupboard of chemicals (apparently the labs are not used much- textbook science only!), the classrooms are unadorned rooms with individual wooden desks and chairs and there are 5 mops in each classroom for daily after school cleaning duties.

Dinner was spaghetti with a tomato sauce and adzuki icecreams for dessert.




4 responses

9 04 2009


Not many chemicals in the lab – sounds a bit strange!
You’ll have to change that – do some Chem Nerds for Life demostrations to make science fun!

Glad to hear that things are going well – loving the photos.

All my love to you. . . .”Stay beautiful”
Love Penny

24 04 2009

It’s strange to have science as a theoretical, text-book based subject. I’m so used to do practicals all the time. I have a few ChemNerds4Life practical ideas that I’m mulling over… everything hinges on whether the hydrogen peroxide in the bottom cupboard in the corner of the prep room is still fresh… I’m racking my brain for Kitchen Chemistry – things that I can buy in the supermarket or chemist. Any ideas? Topics coming up include: Matter (states of matter) and Acids and Bases. I’ll also be doing Electricity but that doesn’t involve Chemistry most of the time.

13 04 2009
jill lang

Sounds a bit third world .
The staff sound good which will be helpful !!

24 04 2009

yeah, the staff have been awesome so far. Really supportive and collaborative. It’s always good to share!

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