Yay! One day weekend!

12 04 2009

What should everybody do on their day off? Sleep in and have pancakes for breakfast.
benno_kitchen_pancakesBenno making pancakes in the kitchen.

In the afternoon we walked past the 100 yen shop to a large park up the hill called Odayama Park. We visited a traditional Edo house, the Old Anzai Family house. It was a restored farmhouse from the early 1800s. A lovely old Japanese man (volunteer tour guide) took us for a tour and spoke slowly so Benno could understand. There were two tatami rooms, dark (almost black) wooden floors in the rest of the house and massive black-wood ceiling beams with bamboo ceilings. There was a sunken pit in the middle of the room for a fire to cook food and traditional oil lanterns lit the room. In the lower half of the house it was a dirt floor and the rest of the cooking and heating water was done here.


We walked to the top of the hill and climbed Kimisarazu Tower to see the view of the city. You can see the red sign for Ks electrical store (3-5 mins walk from our house) in the distance but we couldn’t see far across the bay because it was smoggy/foggy/dusty/glarey. There were lots of drunken young punks at the tower, disturbing the serenity.


On top of the tower is Prince Yamato Takeru and Princess Ototachibana, extending their arms to each other. There’s a story that goes with it about how the prince was sailing across Tokyo bay when a storm hit. The princess threw herself into the Tokyo Bay waters to appease the water gods and saved the prince from his destruction.

We saw a wild butterfly on our walk and ate sweet potato ring chips.

Dinner was spaghetti with garlic bread and brownie with strawberries for dessert.

Benno’s birthday brownie, ordered over the internet from a veg* organic store in Saitama.