GIS and the Inter Students

1 05 2009

Today we finished school early for Golden Week mid-term holidays. Yay for holidays!

In one of the lessons this morning we went to the Chemistry Lab and did 5 experiments in 50 minutes – pop test, precipitation of silver chloride, combustion of magnesium, carbonate base with an acid and a displacement reaction with zinc and copper sulfate. Not bad considering the labs are old, barely used and with a poorly assorted mixture of chemicals half labelled in Japanese. Apart from the hydrochloric acid, all of the chemicals are solids which meant the students had to do some rough and ready making up of solutions – one spatula of compound + some water from the bucket + test tube = solution number 1. Amazingly, for all the dodgy-ness of the chemicals all of the experiments worked well. My only worry is that they don’t have any safety glasses that I can find anywhere…. must be labelled in Japanese if they have any…



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