Yet another strange movie

11 07 2009

Metro ni notte "Riding the Metro subway"
Yet another strange movie from Tsutaya video store that we watched. All the the movies that have English subtitles seem to be quite odd. Japanese movies/dramas are very slow, there is almost no conversation as it’s mostly monologue and the time-travel plot in this one was a little hard to piece together. Maybe Japanese understand the motives behind people’s actions without it being said, but I don’t understand at all why an unprovoked woman would throw her mother down a flight of stairs in order to kill herself in the womb in a time-travel moment.

I had after school dorm student study supervision duties today (yes, Saturday) so I was at school until 2.40pm. I went to catch the public bus as all the school buses had finished. I got on, tried to explain what stop I wanted, and I think the bus was actually an express to Tokyo that doesn’t stop in Kisarazu (although it does pick up as we catch it when we go to Tokyo). So, I couldn’t catch the bus home and had to walk instead. Benno met me halfway on his bike and we walked down the hill home. It only took about 50 minutes but I was pretty tired after starting teaching at 7.30am and I was disappointed that the public bus is no good. Had a few tears but then had a red-bean onigiri and a nap at home and was okay.

Dinners have been good this week – tofu and lentil shepherd’s pie, roast potatoes and gravy, coconut milk peanut satay sauce with battered tofu, blackbean sesame and broccoli udon, chickpea and sweet potato curry with brown rice, nasu-don (eggplant on udon).

The weather is not really warming up – it’s still around the mid 20s in terms of temperature- but the humidity is something else with 90-100% humidity most days. At least there’s often a breeze so it doesn’t feel so bad outside or inside.

Now after my 6 day work week it’s definitely time for bed! Only 6 more working days and I’ll be on school holidays. I have finished writing all my revision sheets and exams. On Monday I’ll photocopy the exams and Tuesday I’ll start writing the tests on the summer achievement homework that the students will take in week 1 of term 2. The work never ends!




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