Learning the language…making haste slowly

29 07 2009

Benno’s been demonstrating excellent Japanese language skills lately (even if he doesn’t think so).

1. He made a reservation for our return express bus trip from Nagoya to Takayama by phone in Japanese. He was even able to ask about payment methods and how to collect the tickets.

2. He booked cabin accommodation in Nikko over the phone. They were booked out for our first option so he was able to change dates and cabin type and confirm the costs.

3. He filled in Japanese forms (in Kanji) at the bank so now my health insurance is direct debited from my bank account. He could write all our address details in kanji. However, we needed some help with the bank terminology so the lady helped us fill in the bottom half. Even in English bank forms can be troublesome so yay for Benno!

All that listening and speaking and reading and writing!!! The study must be paying off. šŸ™‚ Gambatte Benno-san.



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