Nagoyan Festivals

1 08 2009

Day 3:

In the morning we visited Nagoya jo (Nagoya castle). This castle had interesting exhibits. There were lots of insects in the collection and a model of the castle village.

Then we had lunch at Jinenan, a lovely vegan organic cafe. We feasted on the set meal that contained about 12 different items. It was pouring with rain and the lovely owners, seeing that we only had one umbrella, gave us another umbrella to take.
We caught the subway to OsuKannon shopping area and watched the CosPlay festival parade. Lots of crazy dressups, but most of the participants seemed too shy for photos.
After the cosplay festival we had dinner at an organic cafe called Poran no Hiroba- pita bread with chillibeans and salad, and a set dinner with an interesting bitter jelly for dessert.

Then we trained to Kuwana, one stop from Asahi, where we watched the “noisiest festival in Japan”, Ishi Dori Matsuri. Groups from all the neighbouring towns pulled their town floats along the streets of the city towards the main shrine. There were stalls set up along each side of the road selling food, souvenirs, sweets, drinks, games and amusements. People danced and banged metal drums the whole night – to no particular rythmn so it made it really noisy.

2 festivals in one day – yay!



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