Day 2 in Nara

10 08 2009

Lazy day around Nara- we needed some downtime after all the hectic travel. We slept in, had breakfast then lunch then finally went out to wander around Nara again. We went for a walk to a World Heritage Buddhist Temple near our hostel, Gango-ji. There wasn’t much English explanation of all the artworks and statues, but they did tell us that the red roof tiles were very old. Then we decided to go to the Nara museum (but it was closed). So we wandered further to a lake with a gazebo in Nara Park (and said hello to the cardboard eating deer) and then wandered along a shopping street with kimono, yukata, sweets and souvenir stores. We went for a night walk to try to find some lanterns lit as part of the Nara summer lantern festival but none were lit because it was raining in the afternoon. The 5 story pagoda was lit up at night and it looked quite good.