To-kae festival in Nara

11 08 2009

Walked to the train station and caught a local bus to some World Heritage temples to the south west of Nara. The first temple, Yakushi-ji, had 2 impressive pagodas on either side of the main hall. It had some interesting buddhist statues but was a bit noisy due to construction and rennovation being done on one of the main halls. The second temple that we went to visit, Toshodai-ji, was covered in scaffolding and was under rennovation. So we didn’t bother going into the grounds to see it. Then we walked along the train line to a burial mound – a large mound surrounded by a moat and covered in trees but apart from that not very exciting.

We went back to Nara central by bus and to Ashura again for lunch to try the gluten pieces curry with brown rice, domadofu, samosas and pappadums.
We went to the Nara National Museum in the afternoon after buying some yummy bread at the bakery (mango and coconut roll, cranberry and sultana roll, walnut bread and a french stick). The museum had lots of Buddhist statues from the surrounding temples and shrines, and a collection of Chinese pottery and metal works.
After the museum we got a towel at Daiso since one of ours was left in Kyoto at the hostel. We had a quick dinner and headed out for a walk to see the Nara To-kae festival (20,000 lanterns arranged around the city- It was very pretty and lots of people were out in their yukata.