Himeji Daytrip

12 08 2009

We used our seishun 18 kippu to catch the train from Nara to Himeji via Osaka which took 2 hours. In Himeji we walked the 15 minutes from the station to the famous castle. We wandered around Himeji-Jo, the main keep, the stage where samurai commited suicide, the outer walls, the western baily and the vanity tower.

From the castle we walked next door to the koen (gardens) that were arranged in rooms according to their different styles (e.g. pine, bamboo, water etc). We had our roasted vegetable baguettes for lunch that we had made the night before.

Then we walked around to the Prefectural Museum of History. At 3.30 we lined up in the Japanese room for the chance to try on Samurai armour or a 12-layered kimono. Out of the 10 or so people there Lara won BINGO! So she got to try on the 12kg heavy kimono, have photos taken and stickers made. We didn’t get to see the whole museum as the kimono dressing took about 30 minutes!

We caught the train back to Nara and had dinner Ragamala, an Indian place that served garbanzo curry with tumeric rice and 5 vegetable curry with chapati along with papaddums, mango juice and grapefruit juice.



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