ferocious beanie

25 10 2009
animal beanie

animal beanie

Grrr! It’s an animal beanie.






21 10 2009

Ossan, Kayoubi (Tuesday)

Is is ska, or rock? ska desu ka, rocku desu ka?

Vegan doughnuts in Tokyo

19 10 2009

How to find vegan doughnuts in Tokyo Station:

For us, the easiest way to get to New York Doughnut Plant is to enter into the train station via the ticket machines on the Yaesu Central Gate. Walk straight until you see the Information Centre on your right.

Turn left between platform 8 and 9.

Go past the Dila Tokyo (Media Court) on the right, then turn into the small sweets arcade on the right. Go around the corner (following the arcade) and New York Doughnut Plant is on your right. It is right next to the stairs going up to platform 6.

If you are already in the station, head for the South Passage and look for the shop between the stairs for platforms 7 and 6.

Enjoy awesome egg free, soy milk doughnuts. Be sure to go early or they may be sold out later in the day.

doughnutmapRight-click and View Image to see the whole map of Tokyo station and directions to the doughnut shop.

Tokyo VegFood Festa

18 10 2009

We started off the Tokyo VegFood Festa for 2009 at Tokyo station. The New York Doughnut Plant didn’t have the same vegan soymilk donut we had first tried. Instead they had 2 totally awesome new flavours – pumpkin and rose flavours. Breakfast thus completed we went to Yoyogi Park for the actual VegFood Festa.

There were a large number of stalls, but not as well placed as the Kyoto festival (which was in a more open space with grassed spaces to sit, opposed to a long narrow street filled with stalls on either side). However, the entire festival was advertised as veing vegan so we could eat whatever we wanted.

We met-up with some other folks from Vegan Meet-ups and slowly worked our way through the food that was on offer.

Then we had dinner at Pure Cafe, which was actually classified as a late lunch on their menu. It was okay, but the desserts were really good.

Pachinko Madness

15 10 2009

Sports Day

12 10 2009

Using the Rice Polishing Machine

10 10 2009

The beautiful Maya-chan gave us some husked but unpolished rice. We took it to the public rice polishing machine, about 5 mins walk from our house alongside the highway heading up to school.

The machine looks halfway between a coin-operated laundry and a vending machine. We followed the steps and polished our rice. We did two batches – one batch on the least polished setting, and one batch on the most white polished white rice setting.