Vegan doughnuts in Tokyo

19 10 2009

How to find vegan doughnuts in Tokyo Station:

For us, the easiest way to get to New York Doughnut Plant is to enter into the train station via the ticket machines on the Yaesu Central Gate. Walk straight until you see the Information Centre on your right.

Turn left between platform 8 and 9.

Go past the Dila Tokyo (Media Court) on the right, then turn into the small sweets arcade on the right. Go around the corner (following the arcade) and New York Doughnut Plant is on your right. It is right next to the stairs going up to platform 6.

If you are already in the station, head for the South Passage and look for the shop between the stairs for platforms 7 and 6.

Enjoy awesome egg free, soy milk doughnuts. Be sure to go early or they may be sold out later in the day.

doughnutmapRight-click and View Image to see the whole map of Tokyo station and directions to the doughnut shop.



6 responses

19 10 2009

The Treasure!!!! Mum and Dad will go find vegan donuts for you. yum yum!

16 11 2010
Veggywood - Vegan in Japan, Part I: Tokyo

[…] attempt, on the morning I was to fly home, I armed myself with additional information found on the Wandering Vegans site.  I still think it was slight miracle I found the place in the crowded Tokyo station, and that […]

1 12 2010

maybe these doughnuts were vegan before, but i don’t think they are anymore…………………..

15 12 2010

They most totally are still vegan – just be aware that only ever some of them were and are vegan. All of NY Doughnut Plant’s doughnuts are egg free and animal fat free. Some special doughnuts only available in Japan are made with soymilk instead of dairy milk, thus making some vegan. The flavours change often so check their website for which flavours are vegan ok. There should not be a “contains milk” symbol by the flavours with are vegan (“tonyu/soymilk doughnuts”

29 07 2014

It seems like now they don’t make vegan donuts anymore, unfortunately 😦 All the ones I’ve seen in Japan in the last year have been marked for containing milk, and my friend emailed them and they responded that they didn’t make vegan donuts.

29 07 2014

Oh, I spoke to soon! The website says there’s 2 vegan flavors, I just haven’t seen them! I’ll be on the hunt now.

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