Purikura Online

7 11 2009

Cute Purikura Online cute

Can you find Benno? Whoops! He turned into a cat woman.

Cute Purikura Online cute


Clear skies, cold weather

3 11 2009

Down to 11 degrees today, so winter is on it’s way. However, that also means that we see Mt Fuji more often through the clear, cold skies. Yay for Fuji-san!

I rode my bike to school today and cut my riding time in half. Maybe it’s because the weather is no longer humid that it’s easier to exercise… anyway, the first time I rode my bike it took 50 minutes but today it only took 25 minutes and I barely broke a sweat (yep, must be the lack of humidity).

We cooked with gluten pieces for the first time after we bought a packet at the Tokyo VegFood Festa. Not too bad, but we need Sunny Place’s secret recipe, I think. The other interesting food item is the young ginger bud (the pink/purple flower things). Crispy and strong tasting, just like ginger (maybe also called Torch ginger bud / Bunga Kantan in other parts of asia).

'gluten chicken pieces' with side salad and 12-grain/bean rice.

Brrr…. time for a big curry to warm us up.