Doughnuts and house building

5 12 2009

Benno went into Tokyo the other week and came back with vegan doughnuts. Here’s the rosehip and the walnut soymilk doughnuts.

I think I'm going to miss NY Doughnut Plant vegan doughnuts from Tokyo station when we return home...

I made craft in my Japanese lesson this week. It’s a cute charm for friendship.

i don't have a name. can you think of one?

Across the road from our apartment a new house is being built. It is blocking our potential view of Mt Fuji from our dining room window. The houses in Japan are made of cardboard-thickness wood. Here are the walls (timber sheets, no bricks. They will add a thin layer of cladding to the outside and it will be finished.) and lifting the prefab-ed roof before nailing down more timber sheets to cover the roof. No insulation.

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!

Where Disney gets its profits

5 12 2009

From Japan, of course.

A vegan packet corn soup by Disney. We got it for free at the Tokyo VegFood Festa.