Matsushima- scenic sights of Japan

27 12 2009

The three scenic sites of Japan a.k.a. “Nihon Sankei”:

1. Matsushima, the pine covered islands near Sendai.

2. Miyajima, an island with floating shrine near Hiroshima.

3. Amanohashidate, a sand bar covered in pine trees in northern Kyoto prefecture.

We have now visited 2 of these scenic sites. We caught the train from Sendai to Matsushima and went on a 50min cruise around the bay. It was rather quiet for a Sunday morning (there was only one other couple on the boat) and the tour guide kept trying to say things in English for us (except she had to check all the words with the other Japanese couple before saying it to us).

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It was lovely weather – blue skies and sun shining. We walked around Matsushima after the cruise and wandered on some of the islands that were accessible by bridge from the mainland. Then we hopped back on the onigiri-samurai-trainline to Sendai.