Fuji-san at 6.45 in the morning

19 12 2009

Today was the last day of term 2 exams and the last day of school for students. As I was eating breakfast I saw Fuji-san from the dining room window and so walked up to the carpark below the buddhist temple near us and took some photos. The sun was just rising in the east and the sky still had a pink tinge to it. Mt Fuji was very clear and it was very cold that early in the morning! Since the forecast for today was 7 degrees, I’m guessing it was something like 4 degrees when I took these photos.

By lunchtime he had disappeared under cloud and the sky was no longer crisp and clear. But after lunch was also the start of yuki-yasumi so it’s a happy day!

Mt Fuji from Kisarazu.

Mt Fuji in the dusty pink skies of sunrise.

Winter Lights in Harajuku

15 12 2009


14 12 2009


Japanese beauty

13 12 2009

Check out these funny packages for bath salts and ‘body firming hot gel’.

The blue package says “Aroma in bath
Fruit Selection
This bath powder makes you heal with fragrance of fresh fruit. Your skin is moistened like a fruit and you feel happiness. Bath time becomes your pleasant time.
First love GREEN APPLE.”

The red package says “Red Heat Hot Pepper
Shape up gel
I can’t join the party due to ugly body. I am now in shape-up mode. Some day I will do it with dress up. BODY SELEB is willing to help you achieve it. The success gives you self confidence. Let’s go to the party where a lot of celeb gather. You will see yourself changed drastically.”

Mt Fuji, a little shy

13 12 2009

We were promised that Mt Fuji is seen lots during winter from Kisarazu. It was almost visible one day last week, but the contrast wasn’t that great. You can see the snow on the volcanic peak, but its very faint.

Christmas in Japan

6 12 2009

Forget plum pudding, fruit cake and custard. In Japan Xmas is celebrated with strawberry shortcake. These photos are from a supermarket catalogue.

Doughnuts and house building

5 12 2009

Benno went into Tokyo the other week and came back with vegan doughnuts. Here’s the rosehip and the walnut soymilk doughnuts.

I think I'm going to miss NY Doughnut Plant vegan doughnuts from Tokyo station when we return home...

I made craft in my Japanese lesson this week. It’s a cute charm for friendship.

i don't have a name. can you think of one?

Across the road from our apartment a new house is being built. It is blocking our potential view of Mt Fuji from our dining room window. The houses in Japan are made of cardboard-thickness wood. Here are the walls (timber sheets, no bricks. They will add a thin layer of cladding to the outside and it will be finished.) and lifting the prefab-ed roof before nailing down more timber sheets to cover the roof. No insulation.

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!