Give me “Fe”

27 01 2010

I was feeling a little iron deficient today, so I decided that for dinner we would have a ‘Give me iron curry” like this one.

I used 4 large potatoes, 1 cup of uncooked red lentils, 100g of cooked spinach, an onion, some carrot and some curry cube mix and pre-mixed curry powder. Served with brown rice and 20g of chopped parsley, each serving (by my rough calculations) has 11.64mg of iron. That is 35% of the daily pre-menopausal female recommended iron intake (33mg).

Add to that breakfast of oatmeal with a banana and fortified soymilk (another 8.26 mg for 1 (american) cup of oats) and snacks of cashews (1/4 cup 2.1mg) and sesame seeds (4T 2.0mg) and that makes 24mg of iron.

Add in lunch (left over curry with brown rice) and there’s 35.64mg of iron in a 3 daily meals/snacks. (Although the male daily iron requirments are only 14mg a day – it’s not body builders that need high iron diets, it’s women with babies).

It’s a pity postgraduate nutrition degrees take 2 years of full time, full-fee paying study otherwise I might just consider it…




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