Sapporo Yuki Matsuri

14 02 2010

We hopped off the train on Tuesday morning and headed for the tourist office in the station. After collecting some maps we helped test some translation software for the tourist office. We were asked in Japanese “What will you eat today?”, and Benno replied in English “vegan food”, which it heard as “big and third”. I guess they have a lot of testing yet to do.

We hopped on the subway and went straight to lunch at Aoi Sora Nagareru Kumo (blue sky, rolling clouds) a vegan organic restaurant. We ate delicious food and had a chat to the chef about how Benno learnt about the yuki matsuri in high school and “long time wait” to actually come and see the festival. We had fried imitation fish and chickpea curry for lunch, followed by chocolate cake and baked pumpkin pie.

After filling our bellies we walked down Odori Park where the snow sculptures were. There were so many we didn’t get to see all of them before we headed to our hotel for the night, which was cheaper than the Sapporo International Youth Hostel. The hotel would have been ever better value for non-vegans as it had FREE breakfast and dinner, plus free internet in each room. Yay!



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