White Day

16 03 2010

A pathetic excuse by Japan’s chocolatiers and confectioners to boost the economy by inventing a commercial celebration. White Day is celebrated on the 14th March and is pay-back day for Valentine’s Day. Traditionally women give men chocolates on Valentine’s Day, and men give all the women chocolates in return on White Day. It has been dictated that men must give a present more expensive than whatever they received from women, since men are the bigger earners. Sounds like an excellent way to enhance one’s luxury chocolate sales and profits.

To add to the ridiculous celebration, chocolates are not only given to “lovers” but there is also the requirement of “obligatory” chocolate giving to opposite gender workmates, friends etc.

White Day returns

Benno, not to be outdone by the Japanese men, baked vegan cookies and topped them with a rich chocolate and mint garnish.

Earlier in the week he also outdid himself using up some pineapple and panko that was taking up room in the fridge with some awesome pineapple fritters.

Benno's pineapple fritters



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