Funny things at the supermarket

20 03 2010

Goon brand nappies for children. It’s best to start them young.

Cat Smack brand catfood. Even cats have addictions.

Yum. Lemon and vinegar flavoured kitkats. That’s almost as tasty as milk and vinegar flavoured drinks at 7-11.

DS party

20 03 2010

When we were last in Tokyo, we went to Akihabara for doughnuts from NY Doughnut plant by the station. There on the corner were a bunch of people playing DS Dragon Quest – social interaction without any social interaction. “Otaku is beautiful, more beautiful that life”- Kan Choi.

At this party, you don't need to talk. You don't even need to look at other people. Just stand there on your own and live through your virtual Dragon Quest world.

Last Day at Gyosei (saigo no hi)

20 03 2010

Last day – exams finished, marking done, folders organised and left for the next teachers.

Here are some photos of the Inter building and classrooms.

Farewell Karaoke!

20 03 2010

Hello Shidax, Farewell Kisarazu.

Photos from the epic karaoke session with Benno’s Japanese class friends.