Climbing Namsan

7 04 2010

Today we headed for Namsan. Compared to Mt Misen or Nokogiriyama it was not a big mountain at all, so we walked up the stairs to the top. At the top we arrived just in time for a changing of the guard- completely staged and not really guarding anything.

We got our tickets for the elevator to the top of N Seoul Tower (now 8000 won, not 7000) but before finding the elevator we walked around the balcony. All along the fence were hundreds of padlocks- sending messages of love to boyfriends and girlfriends.

Up at the top of the tower the windows needed cleaning, and with mild smog the daytime views will never be perfect…

We walked back down and followed the circuitous path to the Namsang Hanok Village. It was getting late in the afternoon since we only left the hostel around 10.30am and we were getting hungry and tired from walking.

So we went to the closest subway and went to Sinchon looking for a Loving Hut restaurant. We couln’t find it and it was now 3pm. We asked for help and  it turned out that we were in Sincheon, not Sinchon. One letter different and we were in totally the wrong part of Seoul. Oh no!

Not wanting to spend more time on the subway without food, we went straight back to the hostel and made nachos with salsa, cornchips, kidney beans and avocado from the supermarket. Time for a nap!

We decided to go out for dinner instead and after 7pm headed out to New Start vegan buffet. They shut at 8.30 and we had to change subway lines 3 times so we weren’t sure if we would get there in time. But it was easy to find and we had 50 minutes of buffet time left. The food was good, but the selection not as vast as Loving Hut. Benno had a vegan vanilla icecream covered in chocolate for dessert.

After dinner we caught the subway to the Han-river to see if we could find the rainbow bridge. Well, yes, we found it but there was no rainbow light fountain/waterfall display. Turns out the last display is at 8.30 and we were about an hour too late. Oh well, back to the hostel.