27 04 2010

Back in Chengdu after our visit the the Roof of the World, Lhasa Tibet.

We went out to Le Shan and saw the Giant Buddha. It is carved into the rock face facing the river and it is over 70m tall. It took about 2 and a half hours by private car to get there, we had a quick lunch then entered Le Shan.

Past the Dragon Pond and White Tiger to the Giant Buddha, the line up was about a hour long to get to the Buddha- full of Chinese tourists in tour groups all trying to push past. Once on the stair case down the cliff it was just as packed- I’m glad there was a guard rail or people could have been pushed off the side quite easily.

We went down the the base of the buddha, where people could have a picnic on his big toe, it’s that big. The stairs up were not as busy, and we walked up and down all the stairs out to the fishing village, a cool bridge and over to a temple and some cave tombs.

Returning back to Chengdu it took almost 3 hours because of the traffic. We ate in the guesthouse – last night in Chengdu before heading to Guilin by sleeper train tomorrow.



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