Hello Hanoi

1 05 2010

Arriving so early in the morning, we found that many of the hotels were shut, full, or just not interested. So we wandered around until we reached Hanoi Civility Hotel – the rooms looked new, big, clean and with wifi and cable TV so despite it not being in the LP we booked in for $15 a night. We rested, showered, went and walked around the Lake then to lunch. The first place we went to was closed for rennovations so we went to The Tamarind Cafe. More expensive and western with limited vegan options amongst the vegetarian fare, but we enjoyed the fresh juices. We had the fragrant rice noodles and spicy hotpot. In the afternoon we walked to the Hanoi Prison where John McCain was imprisoned along with other American soldiers during the Vietnam war. We went out to dinner at a vegan restaurant which had fried ‘snowballs’ on the menu.

After the stress and sleep-deprived time getting out of China we feel like we could go home now. Vietnam is just as crowded, although with less spitting and a little less hassling by people in the street. However, it is hot, humid and it feels like everybody is trying to rip you off. We’ll see how we feel after a night’s sleep.




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