Pushing on

3 05 2010

We decided to stay with our travel plans but to have a few rest days. Apart from doing washing, going for lunch and going for dinner we did nothing for a day. We watched the Australian channel on the cable tv and felt a bit homesick – in the evening we watched Lantana which was interesting as we had seen it in a play format a year ago.

We caught a cyclo the next morning to a supermarket to stock up on toiletries and breakfast cereals. Then we moved hotels to one closer to the tour offices as we had booked a Halong Bay cruise that left early the next morning.

We had lunch at a small place down an alley in a district about 2km west of the city. The hotel called a reliable taxi company for us (Hanoi TourisTaxi) as even the receptionist was wary of taxis with dodgy meters, scenic route drives or drivers that refused to use a meter.

After lunch we walked to the temple of literature and saw lots of turtle statues. Then we waited out on the street for another taxi of the same brand before having dinner at Tamarind (again).