Halong Bay

6 05 2010

The tour office had free pineapple and watermelon in the foyer before we took a bus for 4 hours to Halong Bay. Then we hopped on a junk, checked into our cabins, had lunch on the boat and sailed away into the bay.

We went kayaking through some little caves/tunnels (avoiding some of the rubbish floating in the sea) and had a swim in the cool water before the boat set off again for the site where we would spend the night. We had dinner, which was presented beautifully- an edible flower arrangement made out of carrot, cucumbet, chili and garlic.

Breakfast the next morning was poor, then the junk went on to the Amazing Cave, which was not so amazing. The rocks had shapes that could be imagined as buddha, the virgin mary, dinosaurs, mushrooms, turtles, a “gun” and more. After that the boat cruised back to Halong Bay where we had a disappointing lunch at a restaurant then took the 4 hour bus back to Hanoi.

We had dinner at the nearby Tamarind (again, again) before taking a taxi to the train station and getting on our sleeper train to Hue.




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