7 05 2010

We arrived im Hue around 10am. We came out of the station and were surrounded by taxi drivers shouting their “hello taxi” at us. We walked out and thought we would pick up a less hassling taxi on the main road, but ended up walking the whole distance to our hotel (it wasn’t that far). We got a good deal on a room, $12 a night, then had a cold shower before heading out to lunch. 2 of the restaurants on Happy Cow didn’t exist, but we found one, Tinh Tam, that was open and in existance. Only problem was, their fans weren’t working and it was terribly hot. We had sweet and sour “beef” and lemongrass “chicken”  which was very tasty, but we had sweat pouring down our legs so we retired back to the hotel. Once the heat of the day was over around 4pm we ventured out again and visited the Citadel. The ruins and overgrown gardens of the Forbidden Purple City didn’t look tourist-safe but it was interesting enough. We stopped off at the supermarket and tried some coconut candy before having dinner at Bo De on Le Loi street (every city seems to have a Le Loi street). We had Pho, rice cracker, jack fruit stir fry for about 80000 dong ($5 total) and then went back to the hotel to avoid the insects and mugginess of the evening.

The next day we went on a Perfume River cruise. We were picked up by motorcycle and taken to the river. We had no idea what boat we were meant to get on, but settled for the dragon boat with foreigners already on board. We visited a fishing village, Thien Mu Pagoda, Minh Mang tomb, a Kung Fu show, Tu Dac Tomb and a Conical Hat and incense making shop. The guide told us the weather was forecast as 41 degrees so we didn’t go to every temple on the agenda but rested in the shade. We were sweating off all of our lunch on board the boat and really needed a cold shower when we returned to the hotel.

We had dinner at a popular local place called Lein Hoa. There were lots of locals and monks eating noodles and hotpot but we went for the interestingly named “twelve predestined affinity”. Dinner was a bargain at 60000 dong ($4) total.