17 05 2010

Well, the train was late and everyone was waiting on the platform in the dark for the train to come. On the upside, it meant we arrived in Saigon at 5am, not 4am. After finding a suitable room and bananas for 10,000/kg we caught up on sleep.

Lunch was across the road from the hotel at Zen vegetarian. Lara didn’t like it so much although it was full so obviously popular. The meal sizes seemed a little small and boring (no garnishes or salads) for the price, although we still both ate for under $7. We had garlic fries (surely 5 cloves of garlic over a small bowl of chips), wheat tofu in coconut sauce, green cabbage stirfry with tofu and mushroom, mango juice and tamarind juice.

Back to the hotel to rest from the heat and sunburn, out for dinner at Ngoc Tho, one street away. We had fresh coconut juice in the shell, guava juice, fresh spring rolls, sweet and sour tofu and cashew nuts and cauliflower.

The hotel, while cheap, had some construction work happening near by so the power and water was turned off intermittently. For the sake of Benno’s sunburn we decided to change hotels. However, before we even spent one night, at around 10pm Benno decided that his sun burn was bad and he needed a doctor. So we went to the hospital where he was checked out and given painkillers and a cream and dismissed around 11.30pm.

Next day, another day off. Moved hotels to one with stronger wifi and air con. Lunch at Sen Com Chay a couple of streets away. Had fried tofu with fragrant knotweed, coconut juice, fried spring rolls and vegie meat with sweet and sour.

Dinner was at Dinh Y, a family run place by some markets. The crockery was green plastic picnic wear and we had strawberry juice, sapote juice, fried eggplant fritters, vermicelli with fried spring rolls, and fried rice with veg. Then we went to the supermarket for breakfast foods and snacks. In between meals we watched lots of TV- the Biggest Loser, Gardening Australia, P.S. I love you, and a doco on leopards and baboons.




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20 05 2010
Another Vegan in a Japan

As one fair-skinned, melanin-challenged vegan to another … two words: aloe vera.

If you are lucking you will find it growing wild nearby. Go sneak out with a penknife and cut a few fat spikey leaves, cover yourself liberally with its pulp.

20 05 2010
Another Vegan in a Japan

Oh … sorry … ignore that. I just read your previous post. But I was thinking of the live stuff! Yes … ‘been there, one that’ on the snorkeling front too! I wondered why the locals all wore special t-shirts to go swimming!?!

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