Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road

19 06 2010

We spent a few days in Melbourne, catching up with old friends, eating at familiar vegan restaurants like the VegieBar and Lord of the Fries, shopping for veganwares shoes and walking through the Fitzroy gardens.

Then we slowly heading home to Adelaide along the Great Ocean Road. We visited waterfalls along puddle-ridden slippery steps, ate lunch at picnic grounds surrounded by tiny native birds, went on a tree top walk at Ottway Fly and stayed at night at Apollo Bay where the pub came up with 4 special vegan dishes for us.

The next day we drove along, stopping every few km for lookouts, followed by the rain and then a rainbow the stretched from the ocean in a perfect semi circle back to the ocean. Benno commented that he didn’t realise leprecauns were amphibious. While the weather was overcast and rainy we still enjoyed the 12 apostles, london bridge, a blowhole where 11 bodies were found after a shipwreck and the graveyard of the shipwreck. Unfortunately, despite social pressure, the two surivors of the shipwreck did not get married- she got on a boat straight back to Ireland and never saw Tom again.

We spent the night in Penola, getting up early for the drive home to Adelaide. We made it back in time to have lunch at Bliss and do some shopping at the markets before returning to our house for the first time in 15 months.

And that ends our adventure of living in Japan and travelling through Asia back home. 🙂




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