A little bit of Australiana

16 07 2010

On Wednesday a group of international students, refugee children, my parents and I went down to Victor Harbor and visited Urimbirra Wildlife Park. Although it was a little drizzly, feeding the hungry kangaroos, patting koalas, avoiding emus, holding baby wombats and listening to guinea pigs eat grass is always fun!

The wombat in the photo was about 1 year old. There was another wombat called Wilbur who was about 3 months old and was an orphan as his mother had been killed by a car. The daughter of the Park’s owner was carrying Wilbur around. She went into the wombat enclosure to introduce the baby wombat, but the 1 year old was feeling terratorial and swiped at the baby. The girl came running out of the enclosure, towards where I happened to be standing. “Here, hold Wilbur” she said, then jumped over the fence to escape the 1 year old wombat.

After Urimbirra we had lunch at Victor and walked across to Granite Island before it started raining again.