Powered by the Sun

2 04 2011

On the first of March we had some solar panels installed on our house.

In total, over the month they have been installed, they have generated 610.2kWh. We have exported 508.2kWh of what was generated (83%), used 120kWh of pure solar energy as it was generated during the day and bought back from the grid 113.3kWh for use overnight when the panels have no sun.

Our average daily solar power generation was 19.7kWh (with a maximum of 28.97kWh and a minimum of about 5kWh on one very wet and cloudy day). Our average daily export was 16.4kWh, we used on average 3.9kWh of solar energy during the day and 3.65kWh imported from the grid overnight (average daily use 7.55kWh). Benno should probably write on his website that Transmog is a solar-run business.



4 responses

3 04 2011
M&M Geddes

Love the graphs, we might starting recording something so we can generate graphs too!

3 04 2011

More spreadsheets please!

1 05 2011
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2 01 2012
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