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7 08 2011

Melbourne Eats

7 08 2011

There’s not much more to do than eat vegan food in Melbourne.

We visited Lord of the Fries several times to eat fries, burgers, onion rings and check out the vegan french canadian sauce (gravy with cheese). Las Vegan bakery fed us a not at all spicy mexican spicy beans dish while Soul Food Cafe served up rather uninspired breakfast options (compared to the awesome breakfast at Monk Bodhi Dharma last time we visited Melbourne) when all I really felt like was fruit after getting off the overnight bus.

La Panella, the bakery with many vegan options, provided lots of doughnut goodness and Yong Green gave Benno the chance to eat Korean BBQ and kimchi without fish sauce. The East Brunswick Club was meant to be open but wasn’t so Vego2Go gave us some simple food and tasty vegan desserts like tiramisu and trifle.

Our hotel was near the Queen Victoria Markets so one morning we visited Invita but apart from having nice juices, their food options are really lame and the salads were not that enjoyable. However our hotel was close to the chinese restaurant White Lotus Vegetarian which was able to do all the favourites like sweet and sour v. pork and pineapple fritters. They even had a whole v fish on their menu but I have to say, VDs on Port road still does the best sweet and sour pork.


Powered by the Sun 3

7 08 2011

June and July have blended into one.. but at least the days that haven’t been good for the solar power have been good for the rainwater tank. Apart from 2 weeks when we had more people living in the house and water demand increased significantly, we have have been running entirely off of rainwater this winter for all our water needs.

Solar Electricity for the months June/July 2011

Over the months of June and July we generated 547.8 kwh and exported 404.9 kwh of that.

To compare the past 5 months:

Electricity March to July