Powered by the Sun 4

4 12 2011

Data from our solar panels for the months August through to November 2011. Click on the pdf link below for graphs.


But just in case you can’t be bothered downloading the file and having a look, here’s the most interesting graph:

You can see that as we head into the summer months we get a dramatic increase in energy generated compared to the winter months.



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5 12 2011

Very Cool. I wonder, is a slow cooker or crock pot much better if you are using solar? I have heard that using a slow cooker is like using a lightbulb (probably the old fashioned kind), but for “cooking”, that is good, right? Better than the stove? And also, dehydrators are probably pretty “solar friendly” too because they don’t use much electricity?

2 01 2012
Powered by the Sun 5 « Wandering Vegans

[…] And links to data from earlier in the year for each month: August to November 2011 […]

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