Week 9 LVLs in place

15 03 2015

The highly structural LVL (laminated veneer lumber) painted in the gorgeous bright yellow got put up. The roof looks quite high now! The ceiling will be attached to the underside of the LVL beams, so will follow the slope of the roof – no ceiling will be horizontal*!

The beams run all the way out to the pergola.

Originally, on the architect’s plans, the ceiling was to be directly under the roof line, above the LVLs so that they were exposed rafters. After discussion with the builder about how ugly and spintered the LVL timber is, it was decided to drop the ceiling below the LVL beams. That means all ceilings will be 29cm lower, but 29cm from 4m is not a huge loss! It also gains us some structural advantages – more roof space means more room for insulation and if we ever want to install ducted cooling there will be a cavity in the roof available. It also means the ugly beams are hidden and that the ceiling will not be directly attached to the roof by the same member – so when the roof moves, the ceiling won’t crack. Our ceilings will be much flatter and less prone to cracking. And it saves on 3 days of sanding and painting if we had wanted the exposed beams looking decent.

The lower line of timber is where the straw bale walls will be built up to (2.4m) with colorbond cladding making up the strange triangular shaped upper section of the walls until the roof line.

*the ceiling in bath 1 will be horizontal as it is lowered to accommodate secret overhead storage, which could double as a capsule hotel room.

The timeline for the next month is set – all framing and roof to be on by 30th March, straw bales delivered on the 31st March and the first weekend of April for starting the walls. A truck holds 320 straw bales, so that’s what we’re starting with and we’ll get more when we need them.

Start of the week progress

End of the week progress

P1100073 P1100074

End of the week progress

End of the week progress


P1100076 Start of the week progress

P1100071 P1100070




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