16 11 2009

We woke up to a 22 degree sunny day for Kamakura, although no doubt up in the mountainous Hakone it was still foggy and raining.

We caught the train south to Kamakura (along with the Sunday crowds) and then a local bus to the Daibutsu. We wandered around and inside the Daibutsu, marvelling at it’s (hollow) construction. The seated Buddha is about 11 m tall and was built almost 800 years ago. The buildings that housed the Daibutsu were destroyed multiple times by tsunami and today it sits uncovered.

We walked down the hill to Hase Dera and ambled through the gardens, looking at the Kannon statues and buildings. The main Kannon statue was carved from a single piece of camphor wood and was covered in gold leaf. There was a nice view of the beach, and several hawks circling the skies about the temple. We walked through a dark cave with a low ceiling , the Benten-kutsu cave, that contained statues of mostly female gods.

We walked back in the direction of the station, having lunch at Cafe Life Force on the way. We had the soup set and the ume pilaf followed by a rhubarb cheesecake, brown rice waffle with maple syrup and rum and rasin icecream.

We caught the train back to Yokohama where mum and dad wandered around China town. Then we had curry-rice for dinner.