Cherries from Sendai

21 06 2009
Cherries from Sendai, northern Japan.

Cherries from Sendai, northern Japan.

After the school holiday break Maya-chan brought us some cherries from her home town. She comes from Sendai in Miyagi prefecture, north of Tokyo. Her family sends her cherries every season. And although cherries must be terribly expensive, she came around and gave a beautiful punnet of fresh Sendai-cherries. They were delicious.

It was back to school on Wednesday – lessons started again at 7.30am so I definitely knew holidays were over quickly…

Saturday was Parents’ Day. I was prepared to have flocks of parents in my room, one set for each child. However, my 7.30am lesson had no parents (not surprisingly, it’s much too early) and my 3rd lesson had only 2 parents. They just sat at the back of the classroom reading a book – maybe they weren’t that interested in food nutrients and digestion…

I got to go home at 11.30am and even though it was a short week I still felt exhausted by lunchtime.

We made some anzac biscuits on Sunday and took some to Maya to say thank you for the cherries… so she came out with yet another gorgeous punnet of Sendai cherries. Yum!

It’s gradually getting warmer here. Next week is predicted to be high 20s, low 30 degrees with about 70-80% humidity. It has rained the past few days – it is the rainy month – and I’ve decided that I don’t like humid weather for the sole reason that clothes never dry.