In the garden this weekend

27 11 2010

The rain water tank is still providing our house and garden with all its water. During the past 6 months we have only used 16kL of mains water and the rest of our comsumption has been totally from the tank.

The warmer weather, followed by some good rains, have helped our garden pick up. The stone fruit trees (plum, peach, apricot) are all netted and bearing one of their first fruit crops. The newly planted corn is up to knee height and looking healthy. The row in front of beans are coming along nicely, as is the row of late peas. There are baby tomatoes on the roma and cherry tomato bushes and the first strawberries have been picked.

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Succulents in the garden

11 10 2010

Exploring the garden

19 09 2010

Despite the lack of TLC and the plain neglect given to our garden by the tenants in our time away, the fruit trees are recovering and showing signs of enjoying the spring weather. Now we just have to get the vegie garden back in order and clear out the 18 months worth of weeds…