Is farewell a verb?

27 03 2010

Photos from the Gyosei Inter farewell dinner in Kimitsu.

The Indian waiter took the photo, but had difficulty working out how to press a button, so we ended up with 12 of the same photo. I never knew using a camera was so difficult.

Enjoying the same photo.

Last Day at Gyosei (saigo no hi)

20 03 2010

Last day – exams finished, marking done, folders organised and left for the next teachers.

Here are some photos of the Inter building and classrooms.

Disney Land.. continued

15 03 2010

Some photos from Disney Land thanks to Harsha’s camera.

Webber, Lin, Sasaki, Lang and Halverson

Lang, Halverson, Sasaki, Webber, Lin

Camera Alert

30 05 2009

I was wondering why there were people with cameras coming into my classes three times in the past week, and now I know why.

si_0905_lang001Lara teaching the H-1 class science.