In the kitchen today

23 01 2011

Today was a day spent mostly in the kitchen using up produce from the garden and fro our strawberry picking yesterday.

The strawberries went from this:

to these yummy products – low sugar jam set with a little agar and pectin (where low sugar means 1:2 ratio sugar to fruit instead of 1:1- let’s hope it doesn’t spoil too quickly), strawberry dessert sauce (the lighter coloured jar) and some others were frozen to save for smoothies (like the one we had for breakfast this morning) and other desserts later (like strawberry mousse that we’ll eat tomorrow).

Using up the plentiful cherry tomatoes – from one bush I picked 56 yesterday and over 40 tomatoes today – we had tempeh, basil and cherry tomato sauce on penne pasta for lunch,

and red lentil dhal with cherry tomatoes and beans (frozen, from the garden) for dinner.

But the best part of today is that despite making so many dishes, we’ve ended the day with all dishes washed, dried and put away leaving a clean and tidy kitchen. It must be a miracle.

Jam and Photos

20 01 2011

Apricot jam, made from our apricots off the tree.

cooking up the 1.5kg of apricots with 700g of sugar until soft.

The roughly 1kg of jam that was produced.

The photo wall in the lounge featuring a few photos from our travels and some family photos. The 2 larger prints are “The Great Wave of Kanagawa” wood block print by Hokusai and Matsumoto-jo in Nagano-ken in winter.

The photo wall in the lounge.