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25 01 2014

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Port Vincent travels

17 01 2011

We took 5 days off and headed to the Yorke Peninsula for more beach holidays in Port Vincent. Minlaton was a lovely little town with a large local produce selection in Harvest Corner, a nice animal park where a supermarket chain wanted to build but the town said no, the red devil monoplane, fun play equipment that included a hammock and scenic walking path through bushland past the old golf course and some old aboriginal wells (still filled with water).

We ventured down to Wattle Point Wind Farm, just out of Edithburgh, which was the largest farm built at the time. It can power 52,000 homes and the posters seemed to think that by 2010 we could harvest 10% of our energy from wind. I don’t think that’s happened, unfortunately.

Further south to Innes National Park and we did lots of walking trails, saw multiple ship wrecks, watched spunky caterpillars and grasshoppers and even saw a wild mallee fowl come out of the scrub. We didn’t see any wild emus or kangaroos, but we did see several lighthouses.

Port Vincent itself had some nice walks and it was peaceful walking along the beach in the evening, but the weather was not particularly hot and sunny for much swimming.We did see some baby crabs and interesting sedimentary rocks along the shore.