Karaoke Party! J1I

25 03 2010

J1I girls were kind enough to take us out to a karaoke party on Wednesday. Thanks for the fun times, the AKB48, NEWS, PUFFY and for listening to our bad singing!

Miss you!

Farewell Karaoke!

20 03 2010

Hello Shidax, Farewell Kisarazu.

Photos from the epic karaoke session with Benno’s Japanese class friends.

Tokyo FAIL

26 01 2010

After work on Saturday we both headed into Tokyo on the express bus. Benno bought a new toy, a metallic blue Nintendo DS with a kanji learning game, a dictionary and Zelda. We ate some vegan soymilk doughnuts from NY Doughnut Plant near Akihabara station. Benno at a Yuzu orange flavour and Lara ate a Fruits Tomato from Kochi. Interesting.

We met up with Shannon and Lucy and went to find Hanada Rosso…only it wasn’t where we thought it should be. There was only a bike shop featuring a bright pink bike. Benno inquried and Hanada Rosso had moved…FAIL…so we caught the train again to Harajuku where Hanada Rosso now lives. We ate burgers (with mustard and mayo) and ‘fish and chips’ with parfait and bancha.

Afterwards we joined the girls for some Karaoke. Emma was kind enough to let us stay at her house overnight. She has a lovely, warm, modern apartment.

The next day we were planning on seeing Avatar in 3D with Emma in Roppongi Hills. But the session we were planning on going to had already sold out by 11am so we choose another time but unfortunately had go to on our own :-(. In the meantime we bought a kg of cashews, got lost, were filmed in the background of some drama, walked lots, misread theĀ  vegan pockeguide and caught the subway to a restaurant that wasn’t open on weekends…FAIL…and struggled to find lunch until we bought some vegan bagels from Bagel & Bagel in one of the subway stations. There are lots of vegan bagels to choose from. Plain, Sesame, Pumpkin, Potato Pepper, Soymilk & Edamame, Blueberry, Cinnamon Raisins, Maple Walnuts, Vanilla. Yay! We had to rush to get back to the cinema on time, and somehow Lara lost her subway ticket…FAIL…only to have the nice inspector give her a new ticket to exit the gates free of charge.

Seats in Japanese cinemas (or at least at Toho Cinemas, Roppongi Hills) are allocated so there’s no point rushing in for the best seats. We ate Cobs popcorn sent to us from Andrew and Emily while watching the movie with our 3D glasses. It was in English with Japanese subtitles. I thought there would be more foreigners there. I regretted eating the maple and walnut and cinnamon raisin bagels before going into the movie…FAIL…i had bad virtual motion sickness from about t=30mins until t=90mins where I had to take off the 3D glasses and close my eyes for a little while until my brain adjusted to the movie. From t=90mins until the end (3 hours later) I was fine and really enjoyed the movie.

We had about 35 minutes to get to the express bus to make the 6pm bus back to Kisarazu. We rushed onto the subway, transfered, got onto another line, exited at Tokyo eki, rushed through the eki to the Yaesu side, climbed the stairs and saw our bus waiting. Then a stupid Japanese man stopped us, asked us what stop we wanted to get off at, then pointed at the now departing bus saying “that’s the bus you want’…FAIL…so we had to wait another 40mins because of that man who then told us to move and wait elsewhere because he thought we weren’t waiting in the correct line…FAIL…after so many fails I was ready to leave Japan and never come back again.

We had some awesome burgers for dinner at home – thick bread with caramalised onion, soymince patties, tomato sauce, cucumber, lettuce, tomato slices, grated carrot, mayo and mustard. Then it was time for bed as school starts 7.30am Monday mornings.

Kimono and Kaimono

7 10 2009

The need for sleep (especially after the overnight bus ride) overtook us so our first outing was for brunch at noon. We went to Cafe Proverbs 15:17 as we had enjoyed it so much last time we went. There seasonal menu had changed for autumn so there were new dishes to choose from. We feasted on the tempeh burger XD and teriyaki tofu set. Then we had the fig tart with tofu cream and cinnamon for dessert.

We caught the bus to the Nishijin Textile Center and watched the last few minutes of a kimono fashion show. However, there was a bus load of Chinese? tourists with all their cameras out so it was difficult to see. After the show the tour-group raced upstairs, tore the shop to pieces and then ran out the their buses again. We looked around at the silk kimono fabrics and watched people working the looms.

Although it was raining we next went for a walk along the Philosophers Path. From below Ginkakuji we wandered along the river, doing some shopping along the way for omiyage (chestnut yatsuhashi, a bamboo water gun, a wooden doll) and followed the path all the way to Nanzenji where we got on a bus back to where Atsu lives.

After dinner we went to the station near where our overnight bus was departing and found a Karaoke place. We sang songs until it was almost time for our bus to leave. Our bus was a ‘relax’ bus so we had these space-age seats. They tilted back 140 degrees, had extra padding around the sides and head, a little canopy to pull over your head when sleeping and long leg/foot rests. See the futurist seats here . We slept much better on the bus home, and then caught the express bus from Tokyo to Kisarazu where it was still raining, just as we left it.

The distant future, the year 2000, futuristic space seats on overnight buses - the canopy you can pull over your head to sleep well on the bus.