Studio Ghibli

2 03 2010

Kiki, Ponyo, Totoro, Jiji, Laputa, Catbus, Howl…we headed to Studio Ghibli on Sunday.

First up we had a delicious lunch at Deva Deva cafe in Kichijoji with our friends.

Then we walked through the park to Studio Ghibli. We watched a cute little movie about sumo-wrestling mice which prompted Benno to buy a little grey sumo mouse on a key chain. The kids played on the nekobus and we got a Totoro from the gift shop. There were lots of little passageways, stairs, half-floors, spiral staircases, niches, hidey holes and other interesting architectural features to keep you exploring around the museum. There were interesting displays about how Ponyo was made – all by hand, drawn on giant paper flip books and coloured using pencils and crayons- and lots of artwork from different movies. I think we have to watch them all over again because we couldn’t identify all of the scenes.

Up on the roof we visited the robot from Laputa Castle in the Sky. It’s the only area of the museum where you can take photos. The building has colourful walls with thick render and thick walls (like a strawbale) and ivy growing all over it. The roofs were living – grasses growing on the roof.

new bento

3 09 2009

Bento from the first week of school, term 2.


Monday’s bento: bed of rice with inari robot from the Laputa movie, surrounded by carrot and cucumber flowers.


Friday’s bento: “Mr and Mrs Penguin”. Rice onigiri with nori faces and carrot feet, mouth, star and bowti surrounded by fancy lettuce.