Maiko Makeover

20 08 2009

The professional photos from the Maiko Makeover at Yumekoubou Studio in Gion, Kyoto, 8th August 2009.

A Maiko is an apprentice Geisha. Sorry a lot of the images are the wrong way up but I just copied them straight from the CD and couldn’t be bothered rotating them.

Maiko Makeover and Southern Higashiyama

8 08 2009

Day 1 in kyoto was a hot 35 degrees with 90% humidity. It was hard to bear. In the morning we hired bicycles and Lara had a maiko makeover. Benno’s bike chain snapped half way along the river so he had go to back and swap his bike. Lara went ahead but got lost and had no idea where she was in Gion. But Benno found her again at the traffic lights and they went together (a little late) to the Maiko Makeover place. The makeup took about 30 minutes, then it took about 20 minutes to choose a kimono and dress in all the layers. From there we walked through to the photo studio and had professional photos taken.

Then all the makeup was carefully washed off from Lara’s face and neck and we went for lunch at Sibayo, a small vegetarian cafe near Gion.
In the afternoon we did a Southern Higashiyama walking tour on bicycle. A bit of a bad idea since there were stairs and hills. We went to Kiyomizu dera/temple which has a large complex and views of Kyoto city. It’s meant to be a famous temple but it wasn’t actually that great (not in summer anyway – it would be scenic in spring or autumn). Then we went further north down narrow streets to Chion-in which has a giant bell that needs 14 people to ring it. However, the shrine was near closing time and so we didn’t get to see it.
We backtracked back to Gion, where dinner was at Rock and Do then we returned our bikes at the hostel, collected our luggage and hung out in the Kyoto Eki Sky Garden on level 12 until our host in Kyoto returned from Osaka. It was quite a long day as our host stayed up talking until about 2am and then turned off the aircon overnight so we had sweaty sleeping conditions. Oh well, only one night.