Sydney vegan eats

10 12 2012

In our 8 days in Sydney we ate at 15 different places. Here’s some of the food.

Places we ate at:

  • lunch at Vrnda’s, 157 Broadway, Ultimo. Cheap Indian eats with one set meal option and a strange cold grainy ‘custard’ with the dessert.
  • dinner at Mother Chu’s Vegetarian Kitchen, 367 Pitt Street, CBD. Large Asian menu with reliable mock meat dishes and tasty sauces. We ate basil eggplant, fried tempeh and tofu icecream with buns.
  • lunch at Iku Wholefoods, Westfield Plaza, Pitt Street mall Level 5. Lasagna, quiche and cakes is what we ate.
  • dinner at Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher, 175 Enmore Road, Enmore. We ate a schnitzel burger, a polenta, sundried tomato and basil sausage sandwich with grilled mushrooms, Kentucky style tofu nuggets with mayonnaise.
  • lunch at Peace Harmony, 44 Erskine Street, CBD. The Thai food might have been great, but my whole experience was tarnished by the non-vegan soy milk they offered. Soy milk containing dairy milk is poor form.
  • lunch at Sadhana Kitchen, 76A Wilford Street, Newtown. Raw vegan food that had interesting smoothie combinations with unheard of superfoods and flavoursome raw mush.
  • dinner at Broadway Lounge, 166-170 Broadway, Sydney. The special Tuesday vegan menu offered tacos, pasta, tofu rice and lasagne with chips.
  • lunch at Iku Wholefoods, 25A Glebe Point Road, Glebe. Same food as the other Iku, just without the fancy Westfield foodcourt and with a relaxed outdoor decking for eating.
  • dinner at Nourishing Quarter, 315 Cleveland Street. Possibly my favourite restaurant of them all. Tasty food, beautifully presented and with a perfect fusion of Asian and South American cuisine.
  • lunch at Kebab, the Corso, Manly. Felafel roll are a vegan fallback for when there’s no other vegan food.
  • dinner at Green Palace Thai Kitchen, 182 King Street, Newtown. Cheap plates of tasty Asian food. The deep fried icecream wasn’t hot, though.
  • morning tea at Apt, 6 O’Connell Street, Newtown (first floor of Berkelouw Books, at the back). Mango and Berry smoothies, gingerbread PEOPLE (it’s not a man, because we’re gay) and gluten free peanut butter brownies. The gingerbread wasn’t spicy enough, and the coconut cream with the brownies was bland. Otherwise nice.
  • lunch at Green Gourmet, 115-117 King Street, Newtown. Yum cha on Saturday lunch was amazing.
  • dessert at Vegan’s Choice, 113 King Street, Newtown. The Chocolate Macadamia Nut brownie was amazing.
  • dinner at Veggie Patch, that happened to be at the Carriageway for the Finders Keepers markets. The vegan burger and bliss balls were vegan.

Apt morning tea gingerbread person and peanut butter brownie with coconut cream.


Vegan burger from Veggie Patch Van.


Plate of food from Green Palace Thai Kitchen.


Cakes from Iku Wholefoods, Westfield.


Iku’s vegan lasagna and salad with a tasty tangy dressing.


Iku’s quiche with same salad.


Mother Chu’s deep fried tempeh with peanuts and cucumber.


Nourishing Quarter curry with tofu, pumpkin, peas and chickpeas. Deliciously spiced, hearty, generously portioned and very nourishing. Served in a vintage tureen.


Nourishing Quarter quinoa stacks that went with the curry, plus a side salad beautifully presented. It’s obvious that they love their food here, by the delightful presentation.


Quinoa and chia cold rolls with peanut dipping sauce; a fine example of the Asian and South American fusion at Nourishing Quarter.


Lemongrass and tofu stirfry at Nourishing Quarter. It was so tasty.