Moon Lantern Festival & Quiz Night

1 10 2010

Judging by the difficulty in finding a park, this year’s moon lantern festival was a hit. There were even some vegan asian dishes on sale.

We checked out the lanterns and watched some drumming and fireworks. A couple of days later we ate red-bean moon cakes from Zenhouse.

Our recent quiz night was also a success. We filled the hall with tables and gave away heaps of prizes. M&M bid on these paintings of sakura on our behalf and did a fantastic job in winning the auction for us (since we were the auctioneers we couldn’t bid for ourselves). Let’s hope this year’s Vegan Festival is also a huge success.

Holidays have been lovely so far, with great weather and lots of garden visitors to keep me company while I weed all of our gardens beds that have overgrown in our time away. Say “hello” to Mr stick insect.